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Sanchayan Dey is a young actor from the Indian subcontinent[1]. He has recently been shining in the spotlight for his role in much anticipated Bengali Feature Film, Potrobondhu, where he plays the lead actor[2]. Sanchayan Dey has a CrunchBase Investor rank of 82,466. This implies that Sanchayan is quickly rising the ladder of popularity and is rapidly becoming a household name[3][4][5].

Personal Life[]

Sanchayan Dey is of Indian Nationality. He was born in Tripura in the region of Udaipur, on the 13th of April in the year 1998. Sanchayan is one of two children to Pritha Deb Dey and Swapan Chandra Dey. He has a younger brother by the name of Srijayan Dey. Although born in Udaipur, Sanchayan Dey's entire family soon shifted to Agartala, the capital of Tripura. Moving there opened up many new opportunities for Sanchayan and gave him the push he needed. Sanchayan always wanted to be an actor and would be fascinated with movies. He would often be caught by his parents, sneaking out to watch movies with friends and then coming home to reenact the hero's moves and dialogues. Soon his parents realised that their son would not give up even if they had other plans for their elder son's future. Once this realisation hit, they were all too happy to support him in future ventures. To this day, Sanchayan's parents are his biggest supporters and his success as an actor has brought not only Tripura great pride, but has also made his family very happy.

Early life and Education[]

Sanchayan Dey completed his basic schooling from Pranavananda Vidyamandir. Although by this point in his life Sanchayan was assured that he would make a career being an actor only, societal peer pressure left a doubt in his mind and for that, Sanchayan branched out his educational qualifications so that he could have a plan B to fall back on. Sanchayan Dey did a Bachelors in Technology, commonly known as B.Tech, with a specialisation in Computer Science and Engineering from Tripura Institute of Technology, which is highly esteemed not only in Tripura, but is considered to be one of the best technology colleges in the whole of India. Although as a child he had been a part of several school plays, Sanchayan Dey's first foray into the world of acting and modeling on a semi-professional level was in his college days. This is when he developed a liking for modeling and quickly took to his new interests, walking the ramp for many a college fest and function.

Professional Life[]

After completing college, Sanchayan Dey began thinking of his career seriously and participated in several acting and modeling competitions and talent shows. He was awarded the title of Mr Ashtanga 2019 and has been featured on several hoardings, newspaper adverts and print magazines for different brands. He has also walked the ramp as the Showstopper for many a talented designer. His latest project, Potrobondhu is Sanchayan Dey's official debut as an actor and is set to be a nationwide superhit.


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